Venance in Hat

Venance Ndibalema

Hat: Each hat contains a unique message suitable for contemplation. Perfect for the traveler in each of us. Custom designed. Made in Africa of locally handcrafted, sustainable materials.

Q. What inspired you to create the brand?

Ven. I was inspired when I came back from filming the documentary in Tanzania.  It was then I realized the power of communication and how it can impact one’s lifestyle.

I always liked the word “Kwanini”, how it sounds and what it represents. It’s the Swahili word for “why”, the most fundamental question reflecting human’s innate curiosity. But it is more than just a question. It manifests our brand mission to cultivate minds around the globe through innovative style and messages.

Q. How do you make an impact “around the globe”?

Ven. It must begin somewhere and the best place for me to start is where I’m familiar with, Tanzania. Part of the proceeds will support the education of children in the rural villages so as you educate yourself, you are also empowering the dreams of a child.

Q. Most importantly, why Fashion?

Ven. Because the closest thing to our bodies is what we wear. You see, a great philosopher once said, “Who you are is not what you wear, but what you wear is who you are”.

Coming July 4, 2014

Talk Less, Ask Why

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