800,000 children die a year from malaria. We are a network of angels (Malaikas) working to save lives from malaria and support economic development in Africa - one bracelet at a time.

Why Malaika? Malaika means "angel" in Swahili, a powerful symbol for an organization that has helped treat more than 25,000 Tanzanians.

Founded in 2009 by a malaria survivor, MALAIKA FOR LIFE is a grassroots program under 501c3 Hope Through Opportunity that helps fight malaria and fund medical relief while empowering communities to do their part - one bracelet at a time.

MALAIKA FOR LIFE has partnered with the Tamiha Women's Program in Tanzania to create our signature "Save a LIFE" bracelets that in turn facilitate economic development in their Tanzanian community. A portion of the proceeds of each sale, go directly to our malaria program that purchases and distributes lifesaving malaria medicine.

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Thus far Malaika has provided life saving medicine for more than 20,000 Tanzanians in need.

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