Half the word is at risk

There were an estimated 207 million malaria cases worldwide in 2012,
mostly pregnant women and children.

TANZANIA: A JOURNEY WITHIN has partnered with MALARIA NO MORE in their "Power of One" campaign. With the proceeds of every single movie ticket we will contribute to the Power of One so that one child in Africa can get the life-saving test and treatment.

When planning for the trip to Tanzania first began the team were all committed to joining forces with the right charity and using the film as a tool to give back and also empower audiences with meaningful participation. While filming in Tanzania, Kristen became a victim of malaria, this forever changed her and also humanized to the team a disease that had always just been a statistic. We hope to put a face to this disease and allow audiences the power and joy of knowing that they have saved a life.

One year after filming began, Kristen, along with Director, Syliva Caminer and D.P. Douglas Bachman all returned to Tanzania with Kristen's charity, Malaika (angel) For Life. Their purpose... to buy enough medicine to save three thousand lives! They personally delivered the medicine to the different hospitals that Malaika had partnered with. To date Malaika has saved over twenty-two thousand lives in Tanzania. After partnering with Malaria No More that number will drastically increase.

The Details: Malaria No More will provide a life-saving test and treatment to a child in Africa. Treatment, with an Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy (or ACT) is the best known cure for Plastmodium falciparum malaria, the most dangerous form of the disease that plagues communities across Africa.

History of the ACT

A traditional herbal remedy used in China for centuries to control fevers, artemisinin is the fact-acting, principal chemical agent in ACTs. It's been shown to effectively clear the body of malaria. The artemisinin in ACTs is combined with another, longer-lasting drug, hence the name "artemisinin combination therapy." Two medicines are combined to allow the fast-acting artemisinin to address life-threatening symptoms like extreme fever as soon as possible, while the long-lasting combination drug offers a "clean-up" stage to kill off any remaining parasites in the bloodstream.

Novartis and the ACT

For Power of One, Malaria No More is partnering with global healthcare company, Novartis. In 1999, Novartis was the first to develop and bring to market an artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) combining two active ingredients into one single tablet (as opposed to "monotherapies" which risk compromising drug efficacy through parasite resistance development). In 2009, in collaboration with Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), Novartis was also the first to introduce an ACT designed specifically for small children and babies in Africa - the most vulnerable to the threat of malaria. The pediatric formula is dosed for young children, tablets dissolve quickly in water, and the medicine tastes sweet - a similar approach to children's flavored cough syrup in the U.S. - which helps parents ensure children take their medicine.

To date, Novartis has delivered over 600 million antimalarial treatments without profit to malaria endemic countries, of which more than 200 million were treatments developed specifically for children. With the launch of Power of One, every dollar donated to the campaign will provide a test and treatment to a child in Africa.

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