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Sylvia Caminer - Director/Producer

Sylvia Caminer

Sylvia Caminer is an Emmy® Award-winning director/producer, with extensive credits in theatre, film and television. Over the past fifteen years she has filmed on five continents, beginning her producing career in the independent New York film scene. She recently turned her focus to directing and producing feature-length documentaries. Her debut, AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART, which opened in NYC in 2012, chronicles the unique relationship between pop Icon Rick Springfield and his intensely devoted fans, exploring the impact fan adoration has had on several families.

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Her follow-up is the multi-award winning TANZANIA: A JOURNEY WITHIN, for which she has created a unique partnership with "Malaria No More" and will launch the "Buy a movie ticket and save a life" campaign in NYC on April 25, 2014. Before filming began, she and the subjects of the film were committed to giving back to Tanzania and involving its audience in meaningful participation with the film's outreach. This is accomplished by our commitment to use proceeds from ticket sales – where EACH ticket sold literally saves ONE child's life by providing the life-saving malaria medicine.

For Discovery/Travel Channel she directed and produced three long-running hit series featuring Samantha Brown (GREAT HOTELS, PASSPORT TO EUROPE and PASSPORT TO LATIN AMERICA). She has also produced various programs for TLC, WE, Lifetime & PBS.

Over the past five years Sylvia produced six narrative features – GRACE, PERIOD starring Annika Marks & Sharon Lawrence; DUTCH BOOK starring Keith David & Richard Edson; LOVE 'N DANCING starring Amy Smart, Billy Zane, Rachel Dratch and Betty White; BREAKING POINT starring Tom Berenger, Busta Rhymes and Armand Assante; DOORMAN starring Jackie Long, Zulay Henao and Gary Dourdan; and AFTERMATH starring Anthony Michael Hall, Chris Penn, Frank Whaley, Lily Rabe and Tony Danza.

Sylvia also produced the critically-acclaimed feature romantic fable BLUE MOON, starring screen legends Ben Gazzara and Rita Moreno, directed by John Gallagher. She previously teamed with Gallagher on the popular cult comedy THE DELI, (Mike Starr, Gretchen Mol, Ice T, Michael Imperioli, Iman). Other producing credits include MIXING NIA, starring Karyn Parsons, Isaiah Washington, and Eric Thal, and THE ANIMAL ROOM, starring Neil Patrick Harris, Amanda Peet, and Matthew Lillard.

Through her active production company, DolGer Films, Sylvia continues work on the long-term documentary, ANGELS AMONG US. She is also developing several socially-relevant documentaries as well as several non-fiction series, and plans to make her narrative feature directorial debut in winter 2014/ 2015 with THE EXCHANGE, a screenplay she penned with John Gallagher. Among others, she is attached to produce CHICKADEE starring Chris Cooper, Ellen Burstyn and Julie Kavner, based on a controversial 1920's landmark case.

Michael Hinds – Executive Producer

Michael Hinde

Michael is one of the four original partners along with Venance, Sylvia & Kristen. of IndiGenius Films which is the founding entity that developed "Tanzania: A Journey Within". Michael’s background is in construction materials and pharmaceuticals and served as the Executive Producer for "Tanzania: A Journey Within" which marks his first entry into film producing.

He is currently partnered with Venance Ndibalema as the CEO of the Kwanini? Fashion, inspiring the world to ask why? Michael has a great deal of experience living and doing business in Tanzania and returns for selecting African made, Kwanini? Fashion materials for new designs.

Kristen Kenney - Subject

Kristen Kenney

"Since the ripe old age of 5, I had that zest for storytelling. With a camera always in tow, my dad would never miss an opportunity to capture life as it happened with me giving the play by play."

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In 2007, Kristen found her 'professional' voice as a correspondent for PBS in Orlando. She filmed an award-winning documentary in Africa. Then she moved on to cover college football and the Olympics for FOX Sports. She is the current host of The Loyalty Report on ThePostGame with Yahoo! Sports.

As a guest on The Doctors, Kristen knows a thing or two about survival in the developing world. She is lucky to be alive after a near-deadly brush with malaria in Africa. Kristen found inspiration in this life-threatening experience and took action, creating a grassroots movement called Malaika (angel) For Life - buy a bracelet, save a life. To date, she shares her story around the country. Her story is the most watched original on AOL.

Venance Ndibalema - Subject

Venance Ndibalema

Venance originates from the Haya tribe, located in the far west corner of Tanzania, just miles from the volatile nations of Rwanda, Uganda and the Congo. When he arrived in America for his university studies, it was as though he had time traveled 600 years into the future.

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Suddenly he had all the resources he needed to begin to find the solutions and answers to his lifelong questions. While studying Physics at the University of Miami it became clear that his studies could not only be those of physical science. He needed to understand the science of the human spirit and what committed people to an idea, a purpose or a cause.

As Venance continues to deepen his understanding of himself and the world around him, he is committed to giving back to the global community by promoting knowledge and awareness. This Spring he is launching Kwanini? Fashion, a brand designed to cultivate the minds around the globe through style and fashion. Its clothing line is ethically produced in Africa and the USA, each piece designed with meanings to provoke questioning and thinking. Part of the proceeds will contribute to support education in his home country. Venance is also working with a team to launch Kwanini? Foundation, a non profit organization through which he hopes to encourage children of all ages to always search for Kwanini ("why") in the world around them. In doing so it offers a way to raise awareness, passion and hope for emerging peoples of the world. He also continues to lecture and teach kids at schools throughout Florida and is also completing the book, "The Man We Never Knew," a comprehensive history of man's creativity from dreams to storytelling, from storytelling to poetry and philosophy, and his ability to bring these fantasies into what he sees as reality (science).

Avril Beukes – Edited By

Avril Beukes

Avril Beukes has edited more than 30 feature films. Highlights include "Little One" (South Africa's Official Selection for the 2013 Oscars), "Yesterday" (nominated for the 2005 Foreign Film Oscar), "Fanie Fourie's Lobola" (Winner of the Audience Award for Best Film at the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival) and "Red Dust" starring Hilary Swank and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Before relocating to the US, Avril won numerous editing awards in South Africa for her work in film and television.

Rika Camizianos – Edited By

Rika Camizianos

After graduating from the Pratt Institute in New York in 1996, Rika Camizianos returned to South Africa to pursue a career in feature films and television. She edited numerous television sitcoms as well as documentaries. She was a co-editor (with Avril Beukes) on "Lullaby" starring Melissa Leo and "Number 10", a sports drama set in the world of rugby. Upon her return to the US, Rika joined Dick Clark Productions' Digital Division as Lead and Supervising Editor.

Douglas Bachman - Director of Photography

Douglas Bachman

Not long ago, Douglas found himself enduring crippling humidity while bushwhacking through the Guyana rainforest to document a remote native village, when he had an epiphany. He was born for this­– to bring the unseen and misunderstood to light. Then he pondered an even deeper notion– "Did I take my malaria pill this morning?"

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With 20 years in film and television, Douglas has worked on six continents on productions ranging from features to series TV to commercials. To list a few highlights, he shot and/or directed for National Geographic's SHANE UNTAMED, Discovery's THE SHIFT, Travel Channel's 5 TAKES and A&E's, THE FIRST 48. Commercial clients include Verizon, T-Mobile, iCare, South Carolina State Parks, along with projects for New York State Health and Education, Child Family Health International and TANZANIA: A JOURNEY WITHIN star Kristen's malaria charity, Malaika for Life.

As for features, he had the honor of having co-shot the groundbreaking AUTISM EVERY DAY, which premiered at Sundance and was hand-picked for an Oprah Special. He was DP for Sylvia Caminer's multi-award winning rock doc, AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART, about 80's icon Rick Springfield and his still rabid fans. But it was with TANZANIA: A JOURNEY WITHIN, that he faced his biggest challenge. To document the punishing seven day climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, each night he snuggled his camera, batteries, laptop and hard drives inside his sleeping bag to prevent them from freezing. Minus 30 degrees, 60 mile per hour winds, no sleep, hungry, exhausted – he considers it the happiest week of his career. More at:

Francisco Aliwalis – Director of Photography

Francisco Aliwalis

Francisco Aliwalas is a Manhattan based producer and award-winning filmmaker. Recently, he was the Director of Photography for Nat Geo Wild's Shane O's Wild Life and was the Field Producer and Director of Photographer for A&E's latest unscripted investigative drama, THE RUNAWAY SQUAD.

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For the Travel Channel series, 5 TAKES, he was the Director, Videographer, and Series Producer for four seasons. He was also the host/producer of YOUR TRAVEL GUIDE for that same network. In the realm of music videos, he directed, shot, and edited a dozen which have rotated on various MTV channels around the world. Francisco has made web content for Nike, Coke, Verizon, R.J. R. Reynolds, New York Post, Current TV, Google Travel, Ford Models, General Electric, Hartz, Leblon Cachca, SAP, and Alcatel Lucent. Two of his latest documentaries, as the Director of Photography, have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and Hot Docs in Toronto. Recently, the feature doc, WINGS OF DEFEAT, which he shot, won Best Documentary/Above and Beyond Award, Best Documentary voted by the Women Film Critics Circle. The same film won Best Overlooked Film 2008, Progie Awards, James Egee Cinema Circle. He also won Best Picture, Director, and Editor at MTV World's 72 Hour Short Film Shoot-Out and his series for Conde Naste's titled 24 Hours in…won Best Online Video Series as voted by Magazine Publishers of America. In 2012, his HGTV Architectural web series won a Telly Award for Best Online Video Series. His reel can be viewed at

The Footnote - Original Music

The Footnote are David Rhodes and Richard Evans. They also collaborate regularly with Hungarian composer / conductor Peter Peiitsik. David and Richard have a long musical pedigree, having worked with and as part of Peter Gabriel's band for 25 years. David's history is as a guitarist and songwriter starting his career with his band Random Hold. Pretty soon after their first tour supporting Peter Gabriel, David joined Peter Gabriel's band and has now been working with Peter Gabriel for 30 years. During that period David also honed his skills as a record producer and began writing music for feature films. He wrote the entire scores for Lucky and Zorba (La Gabbianella e il Gatto) Dir: Enzo D'Alo (Cecci Gori Films) and L'uomo Perfetto (The Perfect Man) Dir: Daniel Lucetti (Cattleya Films) David also wrote music for some adverts and art house films.

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Richard Evans joined Real World Studios soon after leaving university and worked as an engineer, mix engineer and record producer. As a multi instrumentalist he played various instruments on many of the albums that came through the studio and also honed his production credits. He also got the opportunity to co-write some adverts with Simon Emmerson in the early 90s. An early production of Richards was Ayub Ogada's En Mana Kuyayo and tracks off that album have found their way onto many Hollywood Movies including I Dreamed of Africa, The Wild Thornberrys, and recently The Constant Gardener. Both David and Richard did work on Peter Gabriel's Passion soundtrack (Music for martin Scorsese's Last Temptation of Christ) and in the late 90s were working together writing and producing music for Peter Gabriel projects including work with Phillipe Starck and for the Mezzo TV channel. They then collaborated with Peter Gabriel on his OVO Show (Music for the Millennium Dome) and Richard co-wrote some tracks with Peter Gabriel for that score. David and Richard also produced and arranged Peter Gabriel's soundtrack for Rabbit Proof Fence which was nominated for a Golden Globe. David created the theme music for the Discovery Atlas series and The Footnote composed the score for several episodes (Australia, China, India, South Africa). The Footnote also did the score for National Geographic: Sea Monsters (a 3D Adventure) (Giant Screen Film).

In 2014 David will be touring again with Peter Gabriel in Europe and Richard is currently music director for Birdy, touring extensively in Europe and America.

HERETIC FILMS – Distributor

Heretic Films is a film production and finance company that specializes in supporting emerging talent in the low to mid budget independent film arena. Heretic has produced, exec produced or financed six films in its first year alone, and is looking to build on this with a slate of authored, independently spirited yet commercially viable features.

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To date, Heretic has produced or executive produced LOW DOWN (premiering in competition at Sundance 2014), COPENHAGEN (premiering Slamdance 2014), WELCOME TO ME (starring Kristen Wiig, currently in post-production), MISERY LOVES COMEDY (feature documentary directed by Kevin Pollack, currently in production), BIG SIGNIFICANT THINGS (currently in post), PUMP (an oil documentary by Academy-nominated Josh Tickell), EATING ANIMALS (documentary with Natalie Portman, in production), and has a host of other feature projects in development and preproduction. They are also branching out into distribution and TANZANIA: A JOURNEY WITHIN marks their first theatrical release.

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